Working with the Alliance

I still cannot believe it happened to me. My partner and I had a good relationship, with the average ups and downs. We both had good jobs and were living together. It seems then the tone changed and I became the excuse for all that went wrong – work pressures, family upsets, financial worries, even the housework. I couldn’t take a call from a friend without the verbal recrimination.

During one argument, the stereo speakers flew across the room at me, and then I was shoved out the door and kicked down the stairs. Now I am afraid of causing upset for fear of the reaction. As a man, it was the last thing I thought would ever happen and I felt so ashamed, alone and trapped.


A friend at work told me about their support of employees who are facing all sorts of issues. It was like he guessed and went with me to the wellness manager. It was hard but she listened. They worked with the Alliance to get me to specific support to help me take the steps I needed to take.


Working with the Alliance my employer was able to support me and continues to do so. I am working at the same job, actually received a promotion for the work I do now with the wellbeing team, and feel better about myself. My family and I received counseling support and are making healthier decisions.