Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP

Milbank is a leading international law firm that has helped shape the legal landscape since its founding in New York in 1866. The Corporate Alliance currently partners with the London team, who joined in June 2011. Milbank recognised the importance of addressing domestic abuse as part of their corporate social responsibility. Seeing the tangible benefits to joining, such as reduced cost and an increased competitive advantage, Milbank wanted to be industry leaders.

One of their lead partners Cathy Marsh experienced domestic abuse first hand and has spearheaded the initiative.

“I endured domestic abuse after I split from a partner when I was at the beginning of my career. Instead of being the strong, capable, ‘deal with anything and anyone’ person that is my normal self, I was a complete emotional wreck. It was partly thanks to my employer at the time that I managed to get through this difficult time and excel within my career.”

“Research shows that domestic abuse costs UK businesses £1.9bn per year. If businesses learn how to support employees effectively they will reduce their cost and increase their competitive advantage through retaining top talent and happier, cared for, loyal employees.”

Cathy Marsh, Partner in the Global Project Finance Group of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP


In partnership with Milbank, we organised a launch event (check date with Melissa) introducing Cathy’s story and an overview of the Alliance from Patron of the Alliance, Baroness Patricia Scotland QC. In conjunction with the launch, the Alliance provided:

  • Communication tool kit including co-branded posters and an intranet site for employees to visit for help and advice
  • Bespoke HR policy for handling disclosures of domestic violence
  • Training for a select group of employees on how to support others enduring abuse


“We wanted our employees to know that we were there for them if they needed support and we wanted to get them talking, challenging and thinking about a normally quite ‘taboo’ topic. With the launch and communications this was achieved and I have since heard very positive messages about our involvement from several employees.
From a corporate perspective we wanted to demonstrate to our clients how forward looking we are and how we don’t just talk about things, we actually put them into practice.”

Cathy Marsh, Partner in the Global Project Finance Group of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP