Barbara’s Story

Barbara had worked as the Director of HR for one the largest banks in the UK. She had been with the firm for over 10 years and had been responsible for bringing the Corporate Alliance into the firm to address the impact of domestic violence in the workplace. She received domestic violence awareness training as part of the launch, and after several months called the Alliance to self disclose.

Her husband had been emotionally and verbally terrorised her for years. Barbara decided to act because the situation was now impacting her young family, with the children displaying signs of verbal abuse. In her disclosure she relayed that when she brought the Alliance to the firm she never thought the Alliance was talking about her.


Barbara worked with her manager using the tools provided to her as a partner of the Alliance, and was able to plan how to address the situation with her husband whilst keeping her children safe and not risk her job.


Today her family are safe and well and Barbara continues to be a leader within her firm. Her family receive counselling through the corporate EAP provider and her husband has worked with specialists on his abusive behaviour and lives away from the family.