Mothering Sunday

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On Mothers Day, many of the 1 in 4 women who are surviving domestic abuse may wake up scared and anxious about what the day could bring rather than looking forward to a day of love and appreciation. I was really saddened when I found out that instances of domestic violence increase on this day and it’s really made me think about how much more we should do to support people who want to escape (and stay escaped). We all have the power to reach out and tell people that abuse is not their fault.

The Charity for Civil Servants and Law Express have recently produced a legal information app which can be downloaded from our website – it contains a wide range of information about legal matters that most commonly affect us – including the impact of domestic violence. It’s a simple app that people can use to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding of what to do.

At the Charity, we hope tools such as our app will help empower people to move on from the impact of abuse because the need is definitely there. Last year we supported nearly 70 people who were trying to change what’s happening to them. Mainly that support was meant to ensure that they had somewhere safe to live by providing initial deposit and rent and that they had some essentials to furnish and equip their home and make it somewhere they and their families felt safe. We really want to reach out to more people who’re trying to survive but we know how hard it is for them when they’re often so isolated and unsupported.

So if you’re reading this blog and suspect someone might be suffering from any type of domestic violence or abuse who also might have a connection with the civil service, please let them know we’re here.

Judith Smith is Director of Help and Advisory Services at the Charity for Civil Servants and is an enthusiastic ambassador for the Corporate Alliance