Everyone’s Business

Everyone’s Business is a new innovative cross-partnership programme putting employers at the heart of tackling domestic abuse and providing them with the tools they need to recognise and prevent domestic abuse, be prepared to receive disclosures and actively respond and speedily support employees who are experiencing or perpetrating domestic abuse.

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The Aim

Everyone’s Business aims to engage employers throughout the United Kingdom by starting the conversation about domestic abuse in the workplace. The purpose is to create an overall change on how employers think and respond to domestic abuse. ​

It will provide employers with the tools they need to strengthen the response and support available to employees experiencing and perpetrating abuse.

The Partners

Everyone’s Business is built on partnerships. The partners are:

The Corporate Alliance

Hestia, London’s largest provider of domestic abuse refuges

Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse, a network of 200 organisations working collectively to end domestic abuse

Surviving Economic Abuse, the only UK charity dedicated to transforming the response to domestic abuse

Bulbshare, who deliver technology to help brands and organisations build more meaningful relationships with their audiences

TecSOS, an initiative that seeks to support victims of domestic abuse through provision of a specially adapted piece of technology

Woman’s Trust, a charity focusing on the mental and emotional health of women affected by domestic violence and abuse

Cardiff Women’s Aid, a charity providing support to individuals and communities affected by the devastation that is wrought by domestic abuse

Get In Touch

For support on policies, assessments and general enquiries or to find out more information about the project, please email: everyones.business@hestia.org