Corporate Alliance joins the Hestia family

Corporate Alliance joins the Hestia family

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The Corporate Alliance joins the Hestia family, the largest provider of domestic abuse refuges in London.


The strategic partnership will provide both organisations with an opportunity to increase networks and achieve greater results, continuing to support employers in evolving their response to domestic abuse.

The partnership provides The Corporate Alliance with the opportunity to join with an organisation that shares the same values and authenticity while keeping the needs of the victim and business at the core of deliverable work. The organisations have strong, shared projects, developing ideas and exploring the future of business focused response together for several years.

Hestia provides unique resources that will bolster the support offered to employers aiming to prevent domestic abuse. The service user-orientated approach adopted by Hestia also grounds our work, whilst its London-wide network offers us with the opportunity to leverage our voice in a wider circle and create dynamic partnerships.

The Alliance continues to operate independently, retaining its brand, board of trustees, and charity number and will operate as wholly owned distinct business ‘unit’ within Hestia’s group structure. All current employer and client services and programmes that are funded or contracted will remain unchanged.


This move is designed as a demonstration of a new type of relationship between charities, in which smaller organisations are enabled to keep their identity and autonomy but to operate at scale through the support of larger, established partners.

As an organisation focused on domestic abuse prevention, Hestia has considered the opportunity to work with employers, but has not previously had a delivery model dedicated for employers. The partnership with The Corporate Alliance becomes a further opportunity to strengthen their work around preventing abuse.

The Corporate Alliance will be able to add extra value and resource to Hestia’s UK SAYS NO MORE campaign, and provide the opportunity to further look into the experiences of the employer and the victim, and marrying the two together.


Melissa Morbeck, Executive Director or The Corporate Alliance, said:

“This partnership provides us with an exciting time of transformation, change and empowerment.”


Pamela Zaballa, Domestic Abuse Prevention Director at Hestia, said:

“Hestia’s strategic partnership with The Corporate Alliance provides us with a key opportunity to further our work in ending domestic abuse. With 75% of those affected by domestic abuse being targeted at work (Comres 2013, commissioned by The Corporate Alliance) and the issue still vastly misunderstood, it’s vital that employers are well equipped to tackle the issue head on and keep their employees safe.”


The strategic partnership forms in conjunction with the start of the Everyone’s Business Partnership Programme, a new initiative that provides employers with the tools necessary to tackle domestic abuse.

The Corporate Alliance and Hestia form part of the Everyone’s Business Partnership Programme, joined by organisations The Employer’s Initiative, Woman’s Trust, Cardiff Women’s Aid, Surviving Economic Abuse, TecSOS and Bulbshare.

For more information about Everyone’s Business, click here.